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tv   Newsline  PBS  September 25, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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glad to have you with us on this edition of noise line. it's friday, september 25th. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. chinese premier show jingping met with president obama to discuss matters of cooperation and concern. vice president joe biden greeted the vice president upon his arrival. xi's trip began in seattle where he met business leaders. obama will host the chinese leader later on thursday. in the summit meeting friday xi will likely underscore areas where the two nations can work together, such as economic
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cooperation and measures to tackle global warming. xi is expected to propose holding a new framework for high-level dialogue between the two countries to ease u.s. concerns about cyber security. experts expect china's government in cyber attacks on u.s. companies. the chinese president is likely to reiterate the stance that his country's activities in the south china sea are a matter of national sovereignty. world leaders are preparing to gather in new york for a summit starting friday. one key issue they'll be discussing is how to end dwloebl poverty and hung ir. the u.n. summit will expand on what leaders agree to achieve at the turn of the 21st century. nhk world's mitsuko nishikawa explanes. >> reporter: a quarter of a century ago, almost 2 billion people were living in extreme poverty, and more than 12 million children were dying each year before the age of 5.
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in the year 2000, world leaders got together at the u.n. to launch the millennium development goals, or mdg. the goals range from eradicating povey by half to providing universal primary education by 2015. 15 years later, more than a billion people have been lifted out of extreme poverty. one target has been met. another target of having the proportion of people without access to improved sources of water has also been achieved. but many challenges remain. the mortality rates for both mothers and children have fallen by nearly half but are still short of the targets. u.n. member states have been working on a new set of goals to achieve in the next 15 years. the proposed sustainable development goals, or sdgs, comprise 17 goals. they include ending poverty in all its forms, achieving gender equality and reducing inequality
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within and among countries. so what is the key to achieving those goals? one leader from sub-saharan africa, where nearly half of the people still suffer from extreme poverty, has this to say. >> we see education as critical. it is the one that levels playing fields, that enables people to accede to a better life. and that's precisely what we want to see in south africa. and indeed that should be the case all over the world. >> reporter: but the world is facing a volatile humanitarian situation. conflicts in the middle east and africa are resulting in more hunger and poverty and massive flows of refugees. at the summit, leaders are expected to adopt the new goals and to discuss how to maintain the progress they made and to ensure development for all.
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mitsuko nishikawa, nhk world, new york. 18-year-old human rights activist malala yousafzai says invited to speak to world leaders at the opening of the summit in new york. the nobel peace prize laureate sat down with nhk in an exclusive interview. she says leaders must find ways to ensure every child has access to 12 years of quality education. >> there is a moment when you have to choose whether to be silent or to stand up. >> malala was shot three years ago in pakistan. members of the taliban attempted to silence her advocacy of a girl's right to education. after recovering she continued her quest. her life recently became the subject of a documentary film. >> one child. one teacher. one hope. and one pen.
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they can change the world. >> malala said world leaders at the u.n. summit must aim for more ambitious targets for children's education than the previous ones set in the year 2000. >> the development goals, the dreams were too small. they were not too ambitious, because only focusing on primary education for children. it's not -- which world leader would want only six years of education or nine years of education for their child? we're hoping that this year, the sustainable development goals, they will dream big, they will ensure 12 years of free quality education to every child. >> malala first addresses the united nations in 2013 to call for worldwide access to education. officials at german automaker volkswagen are dealing with a scandal that's spreading quickly.
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car giant said it used soft way to rig u.s. emissions tests and now authorities in europe are grappling with the same issue. ramin mellegard joins from us the business desk. volkswagen isn't seeing an end to the scandal any time soon. >> exactly. and this is really rippling through the whole auto industry. it's a huge focus with everyone wanting to see more details. officials at the german carmaker have already admitted in the united states, they put software in their diesel vehicles showing better emission results than in reality. now germany's transport minister says volkswagen did the same thing in europe. the european union is urging member states to investigate vehicles sold in the region. alexander dobrin said the company informed the jer than government about the rig testing in europe. he announced plans to determine a probe to determine the number of aecte vehicles in europe. voen aitsbout ion its vehicle e wod are installed with the same kind of software. meanwhile, germany's auto build
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cites road tests by a nonprofit organization for the bmx x-3 diesel model. the group's results show the x-3 emits nitrogen oxide over 11 times above europe's emissions limits. bmw has said it does not manipulate or rig any emissions tests and observes the legal requirements in each country. experts say half the vehicles sold in europe run on diesel. german transport authorities plan to broaden their investigation to cover cars manufactured not just by volkswagen but other automakers as well. japanese government has just released a key piece of data on how much consumers are paying for goods. the leading gauge of inflation was down for the first time since april 2013. officials at the internal affairs ministry say the consumer price index in august fell 0.1% from the same month last year. the figure had been on the rise for 25 consecutive months until
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june. the july number was unchanged. the index doesn't factor in fresh food because its prices tend to be volatile. on to the markets. share prices in the u.s., new york slid on thursday. wor riz over the volkswagen scandal and the uncertainty about u.s. monetary policy are reducing investors' appetite for risk. the dow jones closed down .5. nasdaq slipped 0.38%. for more on friday's opening levels let's go to himai ushida. what are we seeing so far? >> a little bit of gains. investors got fresh clue on this the fed's monetary policy. janet yellen made a speech a few hours ago. she said initial rate hike is still appropriate this year. and this just eased some uncertainty still prevailing in the markets. so the nikkei is opening up over
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1%, so is the broader topix the nikkei is still heading for a weekly loss, although tokyo traded only yesterday and today. the volkswagen scandal is hitting -- adding to the cautious sentiment because volkswagen is one of the biggest employers in germany. and investors are really worried that this scan dalt will damage growth in the eurozone. european stocks fell over 1% or nearly 2%, i should say. analysts i spoke to said this could benefit japanese automakers in the long-term. however, he added that the caution about the negative spillover in the whole auto industry, you can see that because bmw slipped nearly 10% and japanese automakers were largely sold off yesterday. with the volkswagen scandal hitting markets in europe and the u.s. i quickly want to see how the rest of asia is kicking off this friday morning. it's all in the positive, kospi up about .2%.
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is there s&p in australia up .5%. keeping an eye on asian machinery makers, because caterpillar in the u.s. cut its sales projections, citing weak global demand. with volkswagen and everything, it may be not the best time for investors to be really aggressive in buying, for me. >> mai, you mentioned yellin's speech. did that have any impact on currencies? >> it sure did. the dollar rose against the euro as traders thought yellin's comments left the possibility of a rate hike this year. euro is around 1.1179. the dollar's edging higher to the lower 119 yen overnight. now it's back to 120.33, about the same levels from the same time yesterday. i'll be back with more on the markets. that's it for me, back to you. >> freight stuff, mai, thank you very much for that. maya yoshida live from the tokyo
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stock exchange. any chef will tell you mixing ingredients is an essential part of the cooking. it also makes it pretty hard work. the growing number of companies are looking at ways to auto mate food preparation. now nhk world's yang nguyen has been sampling the latest offerings. >> reporter: customers sit down to noodles at a ramen shop near tokyo. recently, the manager added a new dish to the menu. stir fried rice. >> mm, the rice is delicious. and just what i ordered. but i'm told it has not been cooked by a chef. back in the kitchen, a stir fry machine is going to work. there are two key parts. the first is a spiral rod to toss the ingredients. the second part is the wok.
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it rotates to ensure everything is heated evenly. that leaves the chef free to focus on the ramen. the rice is ready to serve in just 90 seconds. >> translator: we can expand the menu without having to hire more staff. >> reporter: another dish that needs mixing is sushi. not the fish. the vinegared rice it sits on. mixing rice with vinegar is a skill usually performed by a sushi chef. he blends the two with a large wooden spoon, lifting the rice from the bottom to avoid squashing the grains. this device can do the work of a veteran. the blending mechanism sits at the to the bottom of the container. two shifts rotate and the
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attached prongs begin to turn. the prongs lift the rice from the bottom in the same gentle action as a sushi chef. the maker is targeting its device at restaurant chains. >> translator: i think we can contribute to pulling in more customers by raising the quality of rice and making sushi delicious. >> reporter: it's lunchtime at a college cafeteria. a new food dispenser was installed in may. it keeps soup and other preprepared foods warm. at the push of a button, it serves up the precise portion. but it's the mixing function that makes this machine special. a look inside shows how it works. when a person presses the button, the machine starts mixing. it then serves up the exact
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amount. each one is the same volume and consistency. we can check this by pouring another dish. both bowls have four chunks of beef. the other vegetables ao show up in almost equal amounts. ed the key components are the wings. the lower one lifts up the heavier ingredients. while the ones above push down light ingredients. the wings rotate when the button is pushed. just before serving, they spin again in reverse. then sures that ingredients are blended evenly throughout the soup, regardless of weight.
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transportation trap the machine serves up hot and tasty items at the burn of a button. we will expand to united states and europe. >> reporter: less luke labor and tastier food. automated food machines are ready to serve. giang nguyen, nhk world. >> and that's it for business news for this hour. i'll leave you with another check on the markets.
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authorities in saudi arabia have ordered a safety review of the hajj pilgrimage looking into the cause of a deadly stampede near the muslim holy city of mecca. more than00 peoplple were killed and 800 other injured. the authorities say it occurred in the american city of mina. people were trampled as crowds gathered to perform a stone-throwing ritual. 2 million people from around the world are visiting mecca this we're. the disaster comes two weeks after a large crane collapsed in bad weather and crashed onto a mosque in mecca. more than 100 people were killed. authorities have been upgraded infrastructure for hajj hill grimmages after several tragedies. in 1990 more than 1,400 people
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were killed in a stampede. leaders of the european union have pledged more than $1 billion to help u.n. agencies support refugees in the middle east. but there are still disagreements over how to handle the migrant crisis. nhk world's kaori nagao has more. >> translator: i think the european union has clearly demonstrated its wishes to do everything it can to improve the living conditions of people there on the ground. >> reporter: the agreement came at an emergency summit in brussels. eu leaders agreed to donate at least $1.1 billion to u.n. aid agencies, helping people who remain in the middle east. the aid package is an attempt to stem the flow of people coming in. the eu leaders also agreed to provide more help to turkey, jordan, lebanon and other countries that are accepting a large number of syrian refugees. more than 25,000 people have
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flocked to croatia from neighboring serbia in recent days. this came after hungary effectively closed its borders with serbia. overwhelmed croatian officials have moved many of the refugees and migrants to areas near the hungarian border. many have been trying to cross into hungary and to reach germany eventually. hungarian authorities have criticized croatia for its handling of the issue, and they have been relocating new arrivals to areas near their border with austria. as a result, more than 20,000 people entered austria last weekend alone. eu leaders remain divided on how to deal with the crisis. their interior ministers voted on tuesday in favor of a quota system to relocate 120,000 asylum seekers, but the scheme drew strong objections from some
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eastern member countries. >> translator: these obligatory quotas were refused by romania right from the beginning in march when the issue first came up. romania's position was to support voluntary participation of member states. >> reporter: at the summit, the leaders agreed to tighten europe's external border controls. >> it is clear that the greatest flight of refugees and migrants is yet to come. therefore, we need to correct the policy of open doors and windows. >> reporter: observers say the eu is trying to show unity by shifting the focus from acceptance of quotas to stemming the influx of people. kaori nagao, nhk world, brussels.
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japanese prime minister shinzo abe says his government will continue to place priority on the economy and aim to raise his country's gross domestic product by more than 20%. lawmakers of the ruling liberal democratic party officially endorsed abe's re-election as party president on thursday. his new term will run for three years. abe said his economic policy, dubbed abenomics, has yielded positive results. >> translator: more than 1 million people have found jobs because of abenomics. we are just a step away from overcoming deflation. during the past three years, we have completely wiped away the dark, stagnant atmosphere that had clouded our country. >> he said he'll increase the momentum of economic growth and invest in the people's dreams and hopes for the future. >> translator: today i embark on the second stage of abenomics. i aim to create a society where
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each and every member can realize his or her aspirations. i will halt the trend of the aging society and try to maintain the nation's population at 100 million 50 years from now. >> abe said he will focus on a strong economy, assistance for child raising, and social security. he said he will aim to raise the country's gdp by more than 20% to $5 trillion. abe said his party will continue to seek to amend the constitution. he added this agenda will be reflected in the party's next election platform. a flood hit city motor of tokyo will consider lifting evacuation instructions on friday for its 44,000 residents. the company. has completed repairs to a washed-out river embankment 15 days after the disaster. a 200 might have meter stretch of the riverbank collapsed when record rainfall pelted the joso city area on september 10th.
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about 40 square kilometers of the city became flooded affecting tens of thousands of people. on thursday, authorities completed construction of a four-meter-high embankment wall using 600 iron plates, earth, and concrete blocks. joso city officials will meet friday to decide whether to lift evacuation instructions and recommendations issued for residents more than two weeks ago. as of thursday, some 900 people remain in temporary shelters in joso and its neighboring cities. many people, especially the elderly, are complaining of health issues. a number of people are asking for support. they say they cannot return home yet as their houses were badly damaged. people in tokyo aren't seeing much sunshine this morning. it's gray out and commuters are
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getting rained on. meteorologist robert speta joins us with more. >> at least at this time it feels like it took a break heading into the weekend, especially in the tokyo area. we're looking at widespread cloud cover. take a look at the satellite picture. and it's just covering most of japan out here. it really has been bringing the rainfall. actually in some areas over towards the west, we're talking about around shikoku, a few locations have seen well over 400 meters of prescription. you can see in a three-hour span, 197 millimeters of rainfall recorded out here. let's go to video we have coming out of koji prefecture. because definitely the showers are coming down. it is going to be a slow commute for many people. especially heading into your friday morning. actually one location here in koji seeing 489 millimeters of rainfall in a 24-hour period. some incredible rain totals out of there. 70 millimeters an hour could occur for locations.
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flooding is still definitely a threat. 120, maybe into the tokyo area on friday, people heading out to some of the bouts here, you could see 100 millimeters of rainfall. so you want to have an umbrella ready. good news, by friday evening, things should start to taper off at the least. heading into saturday, especially by the afternoon hours, this front down here, which is not going anywhere fast along the pacific coast of japan, still could bring more rainfall. key thing to remember, this is nothing tropical, this is a western lull. we're heading into the fall season, you'll see more of these. to the south we have a tropical system. this is severe tropical storm choi-wan. it is expected to intensify into a typhoon. it's been throwing us some loops here. loops literally down here towards the south. but the big thing is to keep an eye on the cone of air, not so
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much the center line with this stuff. everybody from okinawa all the way over towards taiwan, you could see typhoon-strength winds by the end of the week and into early next week. as this starts to track northwest. decent weather on friday and saturday, myokojim at. monday for most of you across this area seeing winds and that precipitation really start to kick in. eastern portions of china, showers out there, shanghai with a high of 26. tokyo 21. that cloud cover. the sun is missing. so keeping things on the cooler side, feeling much more like fall. in the americas, we actually have this low pressure area right here. not a tropical system but it does have some tropical characteristics. the main thing being it is pumping in that moisture off the atlantic. some coastal flooding possible there into the carolinas as it does continue to linger.
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on the other side, canada, thing on this the dry side. drought still in place. this is one of those droughts where you need decent rainfall to help fix this situation. across much of california, exceptional continuing to linger. the big thing is wildfires are a big threat. let me show you this image from nasa. areas in the gray, this is showing locations that have not seen any fires. but these are burn scars using a short wave ir and the big thing, remember last week we were talking about middletown? all around it significant wildfires took place. and pretty incredible images, about 2,000 structures burnt in that event. the weather forecast pretty hot in the southwest. i'll leave you with your extended outlook.
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and that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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>> on this edition of "native report," we meet artist jeff savage and visit a sculpture at the headwaters of the mississippi river. we travel to the oneida nation of wisconsin and learn about the organic garden. >> we use this gaming revenue to invest back into our community. >> and we interview annette clapsaddle, executive director of the cherokee preservation foundation. we also learn something new about indian country and hear from our elders on this "native report." >> production of "native report" is made possible by grants from the shakopee mdewakanton sioux community and the blandin foundation.


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